MAC Pro Longwear Concealer

mac pro longwear concealer review nw20

Dark circles are pretty damn annoying, I think everyone can agree with that statement? And some of us are lucky enough to genetically look like they’ve had about 2 hours sleep – thanks mum and dad! So let’s be honest, I need all the help I can get when it comes to brightening up ‘dem under eyes. The concealer section of my drawer is pretty well stocked and one of the most recent additions was a solid beauty blogger favourite that I had to try for myself to see what all of the fuss was about – the MAC Pro Longwear Concealer.

mac pro longwear concealer review nw20

I was shade matched to NW20 for my under-eyes, it’s perhaps a teensy bit too yellow for me but it’s not a bad match. For the first few days I was less than impressed with this little tube. Applied to my under eyes, it was patchy and crease-y and all kinds of a mess a few minutes after application but with trial and error I learned it was all about moderation. Working with a tiny amount and patting it in lightly made all the difference and now this concealer and I are the best of friends. As far as concealing the blue-y darkness under my eyes goes it couldn’t be better – it doesn’t do much for brightening so if I need an extra kick (if I’ve had two hours sleep) then I often go for a bit of the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind in the Brightener shade over the top. I’ve also been seriously impressed with the staying powder of this baby, even though I’ve gotten into the habit recently of setting my under eyes but even when I skip that step I’m still looking bright-eyed and bushy tailed by the end of the day.


The glass jar that it comes in feels super swishy and it’s also super useful to know how much product you have left. Now that’s all well and good but let’s talk about the big old catch. Remember how I said earlier you only need the tiniest amount to work with? The pump that dispenses product gives me about 7 times that each morning, even when I hardly push down on it. This leads to one messy, very wasteful little dispenser, I had to have a very decent clean-up to take these photos and you can still see the remnants of the mess. I wouldn’t say this is an example of a product being ruined by it’s packaging but it really can be a pain. There’s a pic below to show you how much comes out in one pump (left) compared to how much I’d actually use every morning (right) – annoying, right? It looks like the shade doesn’t match me at all but it actually does, promise!


Great product, crappy packaging – has anyone else experienced this with another product? Or even with the Pro Longwear Concealer?

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  • plus+beauty27

    Sounds like this concealer works very well but they have quite a bit of work to do with their packaging. That’s a bummer. It was a great review though! Thanks for sharing! 🙂 x

    • No problems – it’s so annoying when a packaging gets in the way of a great product 🙁

  • Rebecca H

    I recently repurchased my pro longwear concealer and the new bottle I picked up has a far more efficient pump. Fingers crossed this wasn’t a fluke!

    Becoming Becca

    • Ooh lucky! I only picked mine up a month or so ago but I hope there’s something in the works to fix it!

  • I’ve heard amazing things about this concealer and I’m glad it’s working for you! The packaging is a huge turnoff for me though – I absolutely hate wasting product! I think I would put any excess in a little container and slowly use that haha.

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    • I can understand why it would be! I often leave it in the lid and use that before pumping out any more (it sounds gross but I promise it’s not!) to try and stop the wastage…

  • Kat

    I’ve seen this around as many people’s HG concealer. I’ve also seen them use so much product under their eyes that wasn’t sure how they weren’t experiencing cakeyness. I wouldn’t mind trying a sample it though!

    • Yeah I’m not sure how they manage it! I use the smallest amount and it’s fine but it’s very easy to go overboard!

  • Jill (alittlesoapbox)

    This is a really interesting review! I find MAC is terrible with its packaging – no pumps for certain foundations, pumps that don’t function very well, and lipsticks that all look identical when chucked in a makeup bag! They do, however, make some great products. I’d maybe try dispensing all of the concealer (if you can) into a little pot and then dabbing from that instead? Such a shame 🙁

    • I agree – the new Mineralise packaging is frustrating and as much as I like the uniformity of their lipstick packaging I can see it being annoying with people who have several – the pot idea is good though! I might have to look into that one! Thank you 🙂

  • Does it have that same smell that mac foundation has? Its like a paint sort of smell.
    I feel like MAC products are a bit of a hit and miss for me. Some are great! And others my skin completely hates.

    • I’m not sure about MAC foundations but this does have a strange kind of paint-y smell to it – I hadn’t actually noticed until you pointed it out!
      I agree, I don’t normally purchase too much from them and think about my purchases because it seems like a lot of their stuff is hit and miss :/

      • Yeah that was one thing I couldnt get past with their studio fix foundation. The coverage is great! But the smell left me queazy.

        I might try the concealer. Perhaps in smaller quantities I won’t feel so ill.

        • I can imagine it would do in larger doses! I haven’t noticed it with the concealer at all but maybe have a smell of a tester in store first?

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