L’Occitane Arlésienne – My Night With L’Occitane

l'occitane arlésienneI’m sure you can all imagine my surprise when an invitation for a beauty bloggers event dropped into my inbox, followed by my sheer delight that I found out it was with L’Occitane En Provence – a brand that I had long been familiar with, introduced to by my mother, but hadn’t properly checked out for a long time. Everyone’s tried their hand cream, I’ve always been in love with their perfumes and so it was such an exciting moment to be invited along to preview the newest addition to their line – the new fragrance Arlésienne, amongst other things, of course, but let’s start there because I’m sort of in love…

l'occitane arlésiennel'occitane arlésienne

When I was first told the notes to the fragrance I was a little thrown off, thinking it wasn’t going to be my kind of thing, being the straight up fruity floral girl that I am, but when I first smelt it for myself I was really impressed. Although the violet note is perhaps the most notable in the fragrance I think it was the mandarin orange and lily of the valley that really drew me in. As in the past, I’m not going to try and describe scents to you because I will fail abysmally but the info in the photos tells you just about everything you need to know. And the rest I can tell you – this perfume is truly lovely. It’s still a floral-ish fragrance but not something I’d normally go for but it’s a super refreshing change for me, the violet note is something I’ve never really looked into but I love it on my skin. I’ve been wearing this perfume in the daytime since the event and it’s fair to say it’s been making me feel grown up, sophisticated and feminine, perhaps like the woman from Arles who inspired the scent. I was also impressed with how long it lasted on my skin, perfumes normally never last but I was still getting whiffs of violet at the end of the day.

I was happy to hear that this will be a permanent addition to L’Occitane’s line in Eau de Toilette form as well as some other complementing things like a shower cream and a hand cream (yes!) and there’s also some limited edition things for the Christmas period – I’m going to be getting my hands on the candle, I think! The packaging of the whole range is so lovely and true to L’Occitane’s constantly gorgeous releases. The line should be on counters now and I encourage you to have a detour next time you’re near a L’Occitane store and take a sniff for yourself.

l'occitane arlésienne l'occitane arlésienne

While I was there I was given to a hand treatment (my hands have never felt so soft) and I also checked out some of the Christmas packs that they’d put together, getting in early for thoughts on Christmas shopping for mum, and I was very impressed – I’d love to pick up the Pivoine Flora one for myself too! The packs shown above range from $80 – $150, most of them are $100 but it’s a great way to try out bits from a certain range, and they seem to be great value if you know someone that loves a certain line.

l'occitane arlésienne

L’Occitane were kind enough to give me a few things to try out after the event and as you can see, Cleopatra wants some of that body lotion too, she’s actually been sniffing around since I first brought them home. I was very excited to get a full size hand cream and can’t wait to finish off the other two sample sizes of L’Occitane hand creams that I have (yep, really…) so I can get down to the rose scented loveliness. I’ve tried out the vanilla body lotion and was so impressed with the light texture and the way my skin felt afterwards. I might need to buy my boyfriend the Lime fragrance to convince him to moisturise. The Arlésienne shower cream is going to be kept for very special occasions I think, not left in the shower for my boyfriend to steal! I even want to hold onto the bag it all came in because it’s really closer to a work of art…

It was such a lovely experience for me to attend this blogger event – never in a million years would I of expected an experience like that to come my way and be so impressed with the products themselves. *end of crazy girl gushing, sorry!*

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*products in this post were given to me for consideration but all opinions are my own!


  • Aww, how exciting! I’d love to go to a blogger event one day. The scents sound lovely, the packaging is so pretty too! I’m a huge fan of their hand cream and almond body moisturiser!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    • I feel sure that you will and I look forward to seeing you there, hopefully! haha The hand cream is just the best, isn’t it? And I’ve always wanted to try the almond range properly – I have little samples of some things there that I should try out soon!

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