Mascaras On Rotation

mascaras on rotation max factor false lash effect waterproof l'oreal telescopic waterproof face of australia impact curl maybelline big eyes falsies maybelline full n soft waterproof clinique high impact waterproof I love mascara, it instantly changes how I look making my short, straight lashes look entirely different but even with this in mind the fact that I have 6 mascaras open is pretty silly, especially with such a short use-by date on them. I was inspired by Sophie’s post a while ago to give a bit of a run down on the mascaras I have open at the moment before perhaps throwing out some of the older ones…

The Max Factor False Lash Effect Waterproof mascara was brought to my attention, of course, by Anna and wanted to try it out. The brush on this is veeeeery bulky meaning that I end up making quite a mess but if you look past that the formula of this is lovely. I find the waterproof formula holds a curl fairly well and it gives quite a bit of volume, my only niggle is that is lacks the amount of length that I normally try and get out of my mascaras. All in all, I would repurchase this one except I’d struggle to spend the $25 on it, I’d be waiting for a sale.

L’Oreal’s Telescopic Waterproof mascara seems to of been discontinued, this was another Anna recommendation… she could convince me to buy anything. The brush is different from anything I’ve ever tried before – with little plastic comb-y bristles. To begin with I didn’t really enjoy this until I properly got the hang of the wand but I’ve recently rediscovered this and found it really quite amazing – it holds a curl better than any other and stays put all day. I find I have to be careful that it hasn’t transferred to my brow bone if I’ve been getting too hot which is annoying but is easily dealt with. It’s a shame that this is discontinued because I definitely would pick this up again.

A while ago I heard a lot about Face of Australia’s Impact Curl mascara and although I normally go for the waterproof formula I thought I’d give this a try. It’s another plastic comb brush but I find that it makes my lashes quite clumpy and it doesn’t really lengthen them, as I like. Because it’s not waterproof it doesn’t even attempt to hold a curl and my lashes end up stick straight again. This isn’t one that I’d pick up again…

mascaras on rotation max factor false lash effect waterproof l'oreal telescopic waterproof face of australia impact curl maybelline big eyes falsies maybelline full n soft waterproof clinique high impact waterproof

The Maybelline Big Eyes Waterproof mascara is another hyped up mascara in the blogging world. It’s dual-ended with a thicker brush for top lashes and a smaller brush that’s designed for bottom lashes. When I first tried this out I was quite unimpressed, it did nothing for my lashes and it smudged everywhere but I waited for the formula to dry out seeing as that’s given me luck with Maybelline ones in the past. When it had dried out a bit I tried it again and was pleasantly surprised, it voluminised my lashes quite well and gave a fair bit of length. It did, however, clump a tiny bit and left my lashes feeling crunchy, not something that I like and also does the dreaded transfer onto the brow bone. The bottom lash brush is a bit of a faff, really, and the formula on it smudges quite quickly. I can see why this has hyped but I’m not a huge fan, I may repurchase again though, I still need to test it a bit more.

I’ve spoken about my mascara love in the form of Maybelline Full N Soft Waterproof mascara around these parts before. I’ve already got a back up of this ready to go because this one is clearly on it’s last legs but it’s undeniably the best mascara I’ve ever had, this is my 3rd or 4th tube and it never lets me down. To begin with it’s a little clumpy but when you give it time to dry out then it’s just perfect – it separates, it lengthens, it volumises (still questioning whether that’s a word) and it holds a pretty decent curl. I will forever repurchases this *sorry, rant over*

Finally, the high end one of the bunch, the Clinique High Impact Waterproof mascara, which I only picked up quite recently. I had very high hopes for this one after hearing wonderful things and it’s still early days but so far I find this formula much too wet for my liking. It clumps my lashes together, making everything a bit too messy for my liking and doesn’t give quite as much curl and length as I had hoped. I’m waiting for the formula to dry out a bit and then see how it goes…

Some of these are definitely on their last legs or have been sitting in my draws for a little too long and there’s a decent pile of unopened mascaras there that are waiting to be tried. I’d love to hear all of your mascara recommendations… there’s always more to try!
In other news, I joined Twitter yesterday and would love it if I had some more friends to show me how to do it 😐 Hopefully I’ll see you there 😉 🙂

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