Welcoming Some New Brushes

models prefer MPP100 airbrush MPD103 highlighter & contour sigma f80 flat kabuki e40 tapered blending

Brushes are something that I don’t normally splurge on – I have a decent collection (mostly Real Techniques, let’s be real) that does all the right things for me but I have a pretty substantial wish list of very expensive brushes that I can’t quite justify, but Christmas is just around the corner! I have recently added a few more brushes to my stash filling a few holes that I had and now it’s time to give you guys the low down!

First up, the ModelsPrefer range of brushes was something that I’ve often looked at but never really delved into, although I do have one eyeshadow brush from them that I love. They had some kind of deal on recently and I decided it was time to try some more out. I use the MPP100 Airbrush brush to blend in light-coverage foundations seamlessly and I’m such a fan, with heavier foundations the brush just sort of smears it all over but with lighter bases it gets everything working and I find myself reaching for this quite a bit along with my NARS Tinted Moisturiser where it really works wonders. The other Models Prefer one I got is pretty reminiscent of the Charlotte Tilbury Powder & Sculpt brush which I’ve been lusting after since the range was first released, I’ve been using the MPD103 Highlight & Contour brush for exactly those things – it’s a great size for contouring, getting right in the hollow of the cheek, and for highlighting where it’s just dense enough to get a good dusting going, and I’d even use it for setting powder under the eyes if I was in a pinch.

models prefer MPP100 airbrush MPD103 highlighter & contour sigma f80 flat kabuki e40 tapered blending

And then when I made an order at Rouche Boutique I decided it was time to get in on the Sigma hype. I picked up the often raved about F80 Flat Kabuki brush to see how it compared to my well-loved Real Techniques Buffing Brush and it’s pretty damn great! It takes a bit of time to properly blend everything in but for thicker, higher-coverage foundations it works a treat. Because it’s such a densely packed brush I need to give this one a deep clean quite regularly or it gets a bit too congested and doesn’t do much but at least it makes me wash my brushes more! I also picked up the E40 Tapered Blending brush which I’ve also been enjoying a fair bit. It has slightly longer hairs than my other blending brushes and is super soft and bendy(?) so a quick blend together with this when I’ve applied everything makes it all look a lot more “together”.

Even though my wish list still grows I’m pretty content with my current collection of brushes, especially my new additions which definitely haven’t broken the bank. Nevertheless, nothing’s going to stop my lusting after the Zoeva Rose Gold Set
What are your favourite brushes in your collection?

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