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I buy a LOT of beauty products. Like, it’s really getting quite ridiculous. And with most things once I’ve used it up I tend to go on to a different product simply because I like mixing it up. So when I repurchase the same thing time and time again you know that you’re onto something special. Today I’ll be talking through some of my favourite products that have found their way into my shopping basket again and again.

maybelline full n soft seche vite top coat lovely me:ex the face shop bb cream maybelline instant age rewind brightening concealerFirstly, make up. Now, I have a lot of make up and tend to mix it up quite a bit but back in the old days when I was first falling in love with make up the Lovely Me:Ex BB Cream from The Face Shop was my one and only base love. I ran out a while ago and was without it for 6 months while I lived in SA because I couldn’t get a hold of it over there as easily but I went and picked it up the other day for the 3rd (maybe 4th? I don’t remember) time and fell back in love! The coverage is lovely and it’s just so easy to apply and leaves such a glowy, natural finish to my face and I just can’t get enough now.

Next up, the much loved Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer is something that I’ve loved for a while. As you can see from the picture I’m nearly at the end of my second Fair shade and have been working my way through a Brightener too. These are just perfect for under the eyes, I speak about them more here if you’re interested.

And lastly a mascara that I have talked about again and again and again. I’ve had a tube of Maybelline Full n Soft waterproof mascara open in my stash for at least 2 and a half years now and I still love it just as much. The formula is simply amazing when it’s dried out a little bit, it’s lengthening, separating and holds a curl beautifully. I can tell I’m getting to the end of my most recent tube but of course I’ve got a back up there waiting for that day.

clarins gentle exfoliator brightening toner la roche posay effaclar duoIt’s only been recently that I’ve truly fallen in love with a skin care routine so up until now I’ve been mixing up products quite a bit but these two products have repurchased numerous times over the years. The Clarins Gentle Exfoliator Brightening Toner is a chemical toner that is my first step after cleansing my skin at night and it just fixes everything right up. My skin feels so clean and refreshed after using it and I definitely notice a difference when I stop using this for a few nights – my skin looks more congested and not as bright.

Another product that I’ve gone through quite a few tubes of it the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo, I picked up two of these in the skincare sale after being without it for months because I just missed it so much. I find that I go through these quite quickly however so I always have to remind myself to only use a little bit every night. Basically this is a light serum that just stops blemishes before they appear and makes your skin so much clearer. Since having this back in my routine the amount of spots that appear on my skin has gone down so much and I know that this (as well as having an established routine) is why. I’ve spoken about both of these products here and here if you want to know more.

l'oreal extraordinary oil opi nail envy

Onto miscellaneous bits and pieces now! A good hair oil that doesn’t weigh down your hair while still showing results is pretty hard to come by, even for someone with quite thick hair like mine but when I picked up the L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil a while ago on a whim I knew I was onto something good, since then I’ve repurchased it and already have plans for trying out the newer lightweight formulation that they brought out recently. A bit of this through the ends of my hair after heat styling makes everything look healthier and shinier and smoothing it through the lengths of my hair gets rid of that dreaded frizz factor that haunts me every day.

As for nails, my routine has remained the same for a really long time now – the OPI Nail Envy is my base coat of choice, I think this is my second bottle now (you can tell it’s well loved by the colours nail polish all over it). It truly strengthens my nails – I can feel the difference if I don’t use it and it also does well on it’s own if I’m having a few polish free days.

The Seche Vite top coat needs no introduction – every nail blogger has tried this at some point and although it’s had polarising responses due to some people saying that it shrinks their polish I’m a huge fan, the smell is a bit off putting but I’ve never had a problem with it shrinking on my nails and it makes my manicures so shiny and last for a very long time and for something you can pick up from eBay for $8ish how can you go wrong?

What’s your most repurchased product?

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