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Formula 10.0.6 has been one brand at Priceline that has always drawn me in with it’s pretty, simplistic packaging, cheap price point and the promise of skincare designed for problematic teenage skin and although I’ve tried bits and pieces over the years – some hits and some misses – these masks have been in my face mask drawer for quite some time and after giving them all a thorough go last week I thought it was about time I reported back.


First up let’s talk about my personal favourite of the bunch, the Pores Be Pure Skin Clarifying Mud Mask. Kaolin mud masks are normally my go-to when it comes to masks because my skin just seems to love the stuff and this one is no different, the strawberry and yarrow in this make it one of the better smelling masks I own (the Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask will always come out on top) and my skin feels thoroughly refreshed after 15 minutes with this one slathered all over. It’s worth mentioning that this has salicylic acid in it, although it is rather low down in the ingredients, which tends to work wonders on problematic skin. The texture of this is much thinner than many of my other mud masks which makes it easier to apply. As it says on the packaging, a little bit of tingling does occur during the process which can be disconcerting and I can imagine could cause problems with those for sensitive skin but it’s nothing too strong and it subsides pretty quickly – the trick is to only apply a very thin layer on your face. After using this mask my skin does feel much less congested and any spots that I have seem less red and irritated and seem much better the day after although I would recommend a good moisturise afterwards as this can make my skin feel a bit tight and dehydrated. This one is definitely worth a look, I’d say!


The Get Your Glow On Brightening Peel Off Mask is the brand’s most recent face mask release and I was very intrigued when I saw it on the shelves. I haven’t tried a peel off mask before and have yet to find a brightening mask that really wow-ed me. This is another one that smells amazing, papaya and citrus scents are right up my alley and this just smells like a holiday. The texture of this mask is quite sticky, making it hard to apply to the skin effectively and ends up getting everywhere that it’s not supposed to. As therapeutic as it might sound (who didn’t find the guilty pleasure in peeling off sunburnt skin when they were younger?), the process of peeling this off is difficult and can feel almost painful unless you’re very careful although my skin was feeling rather dry beforehand. It is important to properly wash your face afterwards as I found little bits of it left over and it does have a tendency to get into your hair no matter how hard you try. I’ve also read reports of this being really sting-y on the skin if you’ve exfoliated beforehand to the point of removing it entirely. This mask isn’t too bad overall and I can see it working for a lot of people. So although my skin did look a little more bright and my redness had slightly lessened I think I’ll stick to my other brightening masks that aren’t so much of a pain to apply and remove (the REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask is a good’un which also smells delish).


When I get a spot they’re normally angry and red so the idea of a breakout calming mask really appealed to me. The Keep Your Cool Breakout Calming Mask is a gel-like consistency which smells subtly of peppermint. The gel texture is nice and spreads well onto the skin and, as it says on the package, sinks into the skin after a little while but it’s still worth having a good face wash afterwards. Normally when I use this I only apply it to the problem areas, across the jawline, the chin and on any other spots I might have and it certainly has a cooling effect on redness. I found it particularly effective on a nasty cystic bugger on my cheek which was rather raised, this mask made it less red and sore. The claims of soothing relief are pretty accurate, I’d say – even with no results I can imagine this mask being super relaxing in the summer time to cool the skin after sun exposure so it’s even more worthwhile when it does make a difference to the skin. I can’t say I’d personally try this under make-up as it suggests on the tube however…

There are two other masks in the range, an Orange and Bergamot Deep Down Detox Ultra Cleansing Mud Mask which I have tried out before (they have handy little trial sachets for sale for this and the other mud masks) and quite enjoyed and a Sea Kelp and Calendula No Time To Shine Oil-Absorbing Mud Mask which I’ve heard good things about even though I haven’t tried it myself. I can imagine that one’s better for oilier gals than myself. Overall, the mask range from Formula 10.0.6 is pretty extensive and for $8.99 AUD a pop it’s fairly impressive, really. If you’re just getting into skincare or want a good little pamper sesh then these masks and a lot of other stuff from the brand is definitely worth a look!

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