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la roche posay effaclar duo trilogy rosehip oil clarins gentle exfoliator indeed labs hydraluronIn honour of Priceline’s 3 day 40% off Skincare sale I thought I’d talk about some of the products that have made a huge difference to my skin this year. Yesterday I repurchased the three items in the above picture that are available at Priceline, some of which for the 3rd time, so here are some of my favourite products that have managed to somewhat sort out my problematic skin over the past year.

Firstly, the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo. Yesterday I picked up my third bottle of this beauty and was so relieved to add it back into my routine. This is designed for acne-prone skin and is marketed as a ‘dual action treatment’, reducing the number of breakouts as well as pore size. I can’t vouch for the pore size as much as my pores have never been too noticeable but when I first started using this I saw a drastic change in the number of breakouts I was experiencing. At the time I first started using Effaclar Duo I had patches of bumpiness around my temples that had been causing a nuisance for quite a while – using the Effaclar Duo twice daily cleared it up significantly in a short period of time. I tend to use this as my morning moisturiser as it does the job pretty well for something that isn’t actually marketed for it’s moisturising ability. Overall I can see the Effaclar Duo continuing to be a firm staple in my routine for a long time still.

la roche posay effaclar duo

Now onto the Trilogy Rosehip Oil. I’d read all over the place about the benefits of rosehip oil and decided to jump on the band wagon, first picking up the cheaper Sukin rosehip oil and then after seeing the Trilogy name pop up enough I gave that one a go too. I’m now onto my third bottle of rosehip oil after picking up the Trilogy Rosehip Oil Antioxidant+ yesterday in the sale. Rosehip oil is said to fade acne scars, even skin tone and also give your skin a dose of radiance and this beauty definitely delivers on all of those fronts. Two or three drops of this luxurious oil rubbed into my face in circular motions each night not only feels like it’s making a difference but actually looks like it too! I don’t have much in the way of acne scars but I have plenty of unwanted pigmentation here and there and the rosehip oil has definitely played a role in slowly improving the overall look of my skin. 

trilogy rose hip oil

Next the Clarins Gentle Exfoliator Brightening Toner(currently on sale at Adore Beauty). Everyone in the beauty world has heard of this one, being touted as a life saver for many of my favourite bloggers and even a firm favourite of the skincare queen herself Caroline Hirons. That was enough to get me interested – scouring Clarins counters until I got my hands on it. This baby is known as a chemical exfoliator, with Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) to work on your skin rather than the granules you find in ‘manual’ scrub exfoliators, that aims to brighten, sooth and soften skin and that is definitely does. I use this every night as the first of my two toners (another Hirons tip) and I’m thoroughly pleased to have it in my nightly routine. Recently I’ve been focusing the soaked cotton pad on blemishes as this toner also decongests skin and I’ve noticed it making a huge difference to the lifespan of those pesky spots. It’s also great to use on blackheads as well. My bottle of this has lasted me a good long while and I’m probably going to be gearing up for a repurchase when I’m through with this bottle.

clarins gentle exfoliator brightening toner

Finally, the Indeed Labs Hydraluron. This is another Caroline Hirons wonder product, in fact she even refers to it as Hironsluron jokingly now. Packed with hyaluronic acid this is a huge moisture boost for skin, designed for use before moisturiser to lock in the moisture. Since adding this to my routine (bought my second tube yesterday after being without it for some time) I noticed my skin feeling softer and much, much more hydrated. I can’t recommend this one enough, literally everyone will benefit from having this product in their routine. I use the tiniest bit of this all over my face each night (and in the morning if my skin’s really dry)

indeed labs hydraluron serum

Now that was a long post… full of my skincare loves. I honestly love skincare, my wishlist of products is growing each day but at the moment I’m very happy with my tried and true routine of which these products are the starring members.
What is your skincare wonder product?

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